Today, Together we create
a better world for tomorrow

A multi-dimensional resource centre for training and community development initiatives.

Today, Together we create
a better world for tomorrow

To cater and promote social welfare activities for the advancement
of the marginalized and other deprived sections in the society

DISA 2018 - The summer Camp

Career guidenece and Motivational workshop

Child & Women Empowerment

De Paul Extension Services (DES) renders school-counselling services to various schools in and around Angamaly. The target groups of the school-counselling services are students, teachers and parents. Through the School- Counselling Services DES offers a regular space.

Comunity Development

DES undertake community development activities with the support of local communities, major activities includes, Strengthen the Anganwadi, Kudumbashree units, Farmer’s clubs, Balasabha units, Women empowerment and Child development programmes, House visits etc.


De Paul international center for wellbeing is a new initiative of De Paul extension service (DES) in collaboration with Centacare and James Cook University in Australia. The purpose of establishing this center is to provide services mainly in three domains that include children, employees and Families.

Our Events


Dental camp

DES organized a dental camp in collaboration with the Amala fellowship Panthakal unit and Mr. Gregorious Dental College, Kothamanagalam on 14.11.2018 in the DiST campus. Dr. Unny C J (Principal, DiST), inaugurated the session and Dr. Kiran, Dr, Abraham, Rev.Fr. George Pottayil (Director, DiST) Mr. Dintomon P D (Project Coordinator, DES) and 22 doctors from the dental college etc. were present during the programme. The camp went on till 3 pm and 186 people benefitted out of the camp. There were free dental checkup, capping, cleaning, filling and advice on different types of treatment in the camp.


Workshop on lifestyle diseases

A medical camp and workshop on lifestyle diseases was organized by de Paul extension center in collaboration with Maria Hospital Angamaly for the staff of de Paul institute of science and Technology DiST, Angamaly on 17.09.2018. The medical camp began at 9.30am in the dist annex hall and 100 staff made use of the opportunity to check the Thyroid and glucose levels in their body. In addition to this, a workshop was organized at 4.00pm in the DiST seminar hall on the topic ‘lifestyle diseases, Diet and exercise’. The workshop was led by Dr. Dorphy P D, a specialist in lifestyle diseases. The session ended at 5.30pm. Rev.Fr. George Pottayil(Director, DiST) Dr. Unny C J(Principal, DiST), Mr. Dintomon P D(Project Coordinator, DES) etc. were present during the programme.

23 July

Anti- Narcotic club inauguration

Monday 10. am

DES in collaboration with the Excise department of Kerala inaugurated the anti-narcotic club in De Paul institute of science and technology on 23rd July 2018 in the Dist annex auditorium. Dr. Unny C J, the principal of DIST, Fr. George Pottayil VC (The Director, DiST), Mr. M K Karthikaeyan (Preventive Officer, Angamalyy Excise Range), Mr. Vinod Naranat(A famous Ventriloquists), and Mr. Dintomon P D (the Anti-Narcotic club coordinator) were present in the programme. Fr. George Pottayil VC inaugurated the club and Mr. M K Karthikaeyan spoke about different types of addiction and the ways to get out of them. The main attraction of the programme was a kitty show performed by Mr. Vinod Naranat. The programme lasted for about one hour.

about us

Save the life to make the better world

De Paul Extension Services has been extending various humanitarian activities since its beginning in 2004. Following are some of the important activities carried out by the De Paul Extension Services (DES) after its registration in 2006. De Paul extension Services (DES) is a Registered Trust (Reg No. 1091/2006) at De Paul Institute of Science & Technology (DiST). It mainly acts as the live lab for Professional Social Work aspects of practices in the School of Social Work.

Let’s Make The world a Better Place

De Paul Extension Service (DES) engages in different social outreach programes.
It promotes social welfare activities for the advancement of the marginalized and other deprived sections in the society.